Doug Fishman recently assisted me with my divorce.  He guided me through the entire process with great care, skill and sympathy.  Doug is a very effective communicator.  He listened to my needs and took great care to ensure I had an active voice throughout the process.  Doug’s compassion and dedicated commitment to a fair process are rare qualities today, especially when dealing with an emotional life changing event such as divorce.  I would highly recommend Doug to anyone facing a similar situation. – JC

Attorney Fishman came highly recommended as someone who could handle a ticklish adoption. He was a perfect fit. Professional, strategic, personable–and our daughter loved him. We now view him as our family lawyer. – RP

Thank you for all you are doing. We trust you with our hearts.  – KA

I retained Attorney Fishman to represent me during my recent divorce. Before working with him I had no experience with attorneys or divorces, and I had very little time to learn, because I had already been served a summons. I had a large amount of anxiety about the difficulties I might experience during the divorce process, but with Doug’s help, my actual experience was, in every respect, better than I could have anticipated. Doug was not only knowledgeable himself, but very expert at explaining the various steps of the process to me. He was thorough, and detail oriented about all of the legal documents we prepared, and he learned the facts of my case. He stayed in touch with me throughout the process, and took the time to thoughtfully answer all of my questions. During the negotiations he prepared me well, and I felt as though he was better prepared than the opposing counsel. He gave me good advice that allowed us to mediate a reasonable settlement, without having to go to trial. I am very thankful that Attorney Fishman was on my side during this very difficult time, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing legal advice.   – SD

Doug was a tremendous resource to me during a recent negotiation with my ex-spouse. His calm, thoughtful, and thorough approach yielded wonderful results. I can enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in mediation.  – RT

Doug Fishman is not just about ‘winning’, but keeps a bigger picture in mind. Doug is totally sensitive to the financial and emotional difficulties divorce presents. He works for and with his clients to secure a fair and equitable settlement, and also to provide a steady, level perspective in order to reinforce the actual goals of life change and growth: knowledge, happiness, and responsibility for self.  – DM

Thank you for your work, expertise, counsel, support, and (most importantly) your vision and humor!  – AC

I would like to thank you for all your help during this difficult time. You truly made the process easier. I enjoyed working with you and have developed the utmost respect for you. You are truly a wonderful person.  – CW

Attorney Fishman came highly recommended as someone who could handle a ticklish adoption. He was a perfect fit. Professional, strategic, personable – and our daughter loved him. We now view him as our family lawyer. – RP

I found Douglas Fishman to offer the perfect blend of information, guidance and support. Above all I found Mr. Fishman to be fair through the entire mediation process.  – MK

I was very happy that Doug Fishman was there, and on ‘my’ side, during my divorce. At every step of the way, he kept me informed of all my options, recommending the best ones but leaving the final decisions up to me. He was always available to answer any questions I might have, and immediately took whatever steps were deemed necessary on my journey toward freedom. He never hesitated to contact the other lawyer to stop any game-playing before it could harm me. It was a long journey, full of paperwork and legal manipulations; Doug was always prepared and ready to tackle anything that occurred.

Doug then saved my emotional life again some time later. Thanks to his adroit handling of the authorities at my mortgage company, I will be able to continue living in my home. I was frantic and feeling powerless and he stepped in, took control of the situation, and was able to not only create a path toward real decisions being made to solve the issue, he made sure that they would be in my favor. I was, and am, extremely happy having him on my side.  – NW

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Attorney Fishman on numerous occasions.  As a mental health professional, it is helpful to know that Attorney Fishman is deeply committed to keeping conflict related to divorce or separation low.  He is thoughtful and deliberate in his mediation with couples, always striving to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the parties. Attorney Fishman is adamant that children be at the top of the priority list when working with parents.  All of my interactions with Mr. Fishman have been professional, courteous and timely.  It is a pleasure to be able to unequivocally endorse him as an outstanding professional in his field.  – LR

As everyone knows, the best way to find a really good doctor is a referral from another doctor. The same is true of lawyers. My husband and I are both lawyers and retained Doug to handle the adoption of our beloved daughter. What more important legal work can there be than an adoption? Doug handled every detail with the technical precision of an excellent practicer. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, he also held our hands every step of the way with patience and compassion. Doug truly loves what he does and we were so lucky to be in his gentle, VERY capable hands. – CS

Thanks for everything. When I need anything legal I’ll be in touch. -CM